My Fall just got booked up

So as if we do not have enough restaurants in Westchester, NYC, Brooklyn and Queens to hit on our lists, a whole slew of new ones are already being hyped for Fall.  Here… Continue reading

Don’t Judge a Restaurant by it’s Owner

At first, I was hesitant to get sucked into a place which carries the reputation of having a well-known Chef/Restaurateur.  So you could understand why I wasn’t so pleased or let’s rephrase that, enthusiastic,… Continue reading

This is pretty accurate

Ok you got us internet.  Very Funny.  But ya it is very true and also kinda awkward at times when you try to get the right pic while eating.  Sometimes you just feel… Continue reading

This sounds promising

I have known for a while now that some of the new construction going on in White Plains is for new restaurants and bars, including Butterfield 8, Lolas and Gaucho Grill.  Gaucho Grill… Continue reading

Best Cheeseburger in NYC

Brave statement here and I will say it with pride,  JG Melon is by far the best cheeseburger in NYC!  No fancy gimmicks, no premium blends, just straight up perfection. On Saturday night –… Continue reading

BEST PIZZA in Brooklyn

Ok maybe that title is slightly misleading, but it’s also not false. Sunday we visited Best Pizza in Williamsburg.  This was prior to our date that night with My Morning Jacket at the water… Continue reading

Westchester Fives

So as we get ready for the weekend which will include some sun at the beach Saturday, followed by Sunday with a little Brooklyn adventure of house party, good food, good beer  and… Continue reading

Screw the Opera, I Want a Food Market

Saw this today.  Opera house and plays or huge food market and big name chef restaurant in Westchester…hmm which one do you think I am leaning towards?  Is there a petition going around… Continue reading

Tapas: A Pinch of Cooking

As we walk into the basement of The Church of St Paul St Andrew on 86th street of the upper west side of NYC, we were embraced by a group of strangers all… Continue reading

Northern BBQ?

The term just sounds ridiculous, like an oxymoron almost.  BBQ is Southern and always has been, right?  We city folk have our BBQ places but they usually aren’t given the national respect or… Continue reading