What’s for Lunch?

Bored of the same old sandwich you bring for lunch? Looking for something exciting to eat mid-day? You’re in luck!  BSB’s has a new weekly edition called…. What’s for Lunch? Glad you asked,… Continue reading

they can’t all be winners

There are many places to eat in White Plains that we have not been yet.  We make an effort to try something new as often as possible and Sunday we did just this. … Continue reading

BSB Happy Hour….Pumpkin Time

It’s Fall so that means the leaves are changing and so are our drinks.  I will admit I look forward to the fall for many reasons, weekends of football, milder weather and getting… Continue reading

Art in the Street – Barcelona and Rome

Street art is awesome!! I admire the talent of those who can create such amazing works of art with spray paint in random places.  NYC has street art however the majority of what… Continue reading

BSB Happy Hour and we are back from our trip

So there are probably weeks worth of posts we can do on our trip to Barcelona and Rome, and we will do plenty, but until we fully go through all the pics and… Continue reading

Recipe: A different kind of Pasta e Fagioli

Before we overload the masses with tons of Barcelona and Rome posts, we decided to start off the week with a nice easy read and a simple recipe!!! Our trip was such an… Continue reading

Weekend Fives….West Village, NYC

This week we give you our current top 5 places in the West Village area of Manhattan.  With so many places we have and want to go to in NY alone, it just… Continue reading

A little competition is a good thing…for us

Looks like Westchester is slowly catching the big city food truck fever.  Saw this on Eater,  Pizza Luca joins our fav DoughNation in the Westchester pizza cart scene.  They hit up the farmers market scene… Continue reading

Football’s back…..that means it’s time for wings

I love fall.  It is easily one of my top 5 seasons.  Ok no it really is probably my favorite.  Mainly because you still have the nice weather carrying over from the summer… Continue reading

I love a good list

The number one thing I click on when searching through blogs is anything in list and/or map form.  I don’t know why, but I actually get excited.  Any other form of information communication… Continue reading