BSB Happy Hour…Threepence a Pot

Saw this from Serious Eats this morning.  Gives a little history to the delicious beers we consume daily.  I love the idea of “a pot” being the unit of distribution when you purchase a beer in the 1700’s.  I feel we need to bring this back.  We have all sorts of funkyy glasses to serve beer in these days, even yard glasses, steins and mugs as big as dingo at Outback, why not a pot.  And I’m thinking it should be an old rusty iron pot that’s misshapen and looks like it was made by hand…in the 1700’s.  Why? cuz why not.  Just watch, every craft beer bar in NYC will be doing this next year, then who’s laughing.  Anyway, I’m done with my “bring back the 1700’s swag” rant, if you would like to partake in a delicious stout, I suggest trying Founder’s Breakfast Stout.  It is one of the best, readily available stouts out there and just released for it’s 2012 batch last Thursday.  I know this thanks to the Crafstman’s website, where they even had an event to celebrate the release, it’s that good.