Astoria Fives

We love Astoria.  We won’t hide it either.  We used to spend a lot of time there when Christine was living in the neighborhood but since then we have only gone for some heavy drinking at friend’s house parties, and have not had the time to hit some of our favorite places or try new ones we have yet go.  Momofuku’s blog posted an Astoria list the other day and I’ll be honest, I have only tired the taco truck of the five.  And it is really good, great alternative to late night pizza.  This was a tough list to come up with, there are so many places we have been (and still need to go, another list though) and we end up leaving off some places we love on here.  The rankings don’t even matter too much for Astoria, we love it all.  Ok enough love fest.  So in honor of an impending fall Astoria weekend that will include watching some football and drinking some beers at one of the beer gardens, we give you our top 5 places we have been in Astoria.

#1 – The Queens Kickshaw – This is the type of place I want to own.  It focuses on beer, grilled cheese and coffee.  But really good beer, grilled cheese and coffee.  On top of that, it’s just plain cool with some really nice owners.

#2 – Trattoria L’incontro – In the general scheme of things, this place is under the radar.  Gets little press but is obviously well known in the area.  Packed constantly, it’s Italian fare competes, if not beats, most of what you find in NYC.  It is very traditional style, but do not order off the menu.  Just wait as the expert waiters list off more than 40 daily specials, including such things as wild boar, branzino and ostrich.

#3 – Mombar – You can’t find a place like this anywhere.  The owner/chef/artist/dj of Mumbar is an eccentric character that takes the time to talk to every one of his tables.  The food is authentic Egyptian and addictive.  Not being able to find cuisine like this everywhere will frustrate you.

#4- Astor Room – This place is just plain cool.  Has a speakeasy feel, awesome cocktails and top notch food.  Everyone who works there is great too.  Short ribs were the shit….

#5 – MexiQ (MexiBBQ) – I refer to it as MexiQ and always will because that was the original name.  It holds a special place in our hearts.  We love the brunch and would usually wake up most weekends and head there for food, bloody marys and football.  Great beer program, great atmosphere, miss this place the most because it was more of a place you would go regularly. MMMM Fried Pickles…