My love of Bourbon

This past year I have developed a taste for bourbon.  First it was craft beer, now I have moved on to include becoming a slight bourbon snob.  I always drank whiskey, in the form of shots of Jameson, to the point I would get sick.  To me, there is a huge taste difference between whiskey and bourbon.  I always assumed I didn’t like the taste of either because I based it on shots of Jame-o that burned my soul as I drank them, leaving me very hungover.  But last summer, I accidentally started my bourbon love affair at Momofuku Ssam Bar.  I had quickly looked over the drink menu and order what I thought was going to be some sort of spiked iced tea/lemonade, Arnold Palmer if you will, but what I got was Buffalo Trace bourbon on the rocks (one giagantic glass sized cube to be exact) with a hint lemon, orange and tea.  I loved every second of it.  So it began.  Since then, Bourbon on the rocks, splash of iced tea and an squeeze of orange is my go to drink.  Not to mention the many other bourbon cocktails I have tried everywhere I go that they are offered.  Pictured on the home page is Char No. 4 in Brooklyn.  They have a giant wall of bourbon and whiskey to go along side their awesome menu. I bring this all up because I saw this post by Serious Eats.  There are some great ideas in there, I would especially recommend the Boulevardier.  It’s a Negroni with bourbon instead of gin and I had something like this at Booker and Dax, right before it actually became Booker and Dax and was still in the inbetween period of being Bar Bar and they were experimenting with some new things.  And which bourbon is my favorite you ask? Well so glad you asked because to answer your question, all of them.  No, ok, Elijah Craig would be my choice, but I have not had some of ther rarer more expensive ones yet.  It’s affordable and delicious.  David Chang  agrees, watch as he gets wasted describing his love of bourbon too.