It’s not all just propaganda

When eating in Rome there are like a zillion choices, most of which are complete tourist traps.  You have old world Trattorias, classic Roman Restaurants, Pizzerias and then there are fantastic gems that are suggested or you stumble upon.  Cafe Propaganda is one of those gems that alludes a semi-Brooklyn attitude with NYC refinement.  As mentioned in a previous post about Tapas 24, Kevin and I did extensive research on places to eat, so it’s no coincidence we walked through these doors.  

The interior is classy and elegant, white tile walls with a hint of a rustic twist, where they play classic jazzy music as you dine.  The menu is printed as a newspaper and lists everything from coffee and breakfast to fancy cocktails that bring you back to the prohibition error.  Speaking of the menu, they serve modern takes on traditional Italian dishes, like ravioli stuffed with cheese served in a butter sage sauce with crispy fried salami type meat.

It’s the type of place we search for in NYC but we were utterly thrilled to find it in Rome, so thrilled we stopped in twice.  Did I mention Cafe Propaganda is a block, literally a block away from the Colosseum?  Which actually means is was only a few blocks from our Hotel.  Great food all within a 5 minute walk; what could be better?  You mean we can check out the Colosseum while on our walk there?!?!  Life sure is good and so is everything about this place.

The colosseum might be my favorite attraction/monument/ancient ruin that we visited.  The idea of what took place inside this arena is just mind blowing; crowds literally gathered for the sport of watching  people fight for their lives.  It’s almost unbelievable, yet so real at the same time, just knowing the culture of our ancestors.  

Kevin taking in all that is the Colosseum.

One thing I noticed and particularly love about Rome, most places serve fresh cut potato chips, Café Propaganda is no exception.  During our first visit, we sat at a little table close to the bar – made friends with the bartender who I of course asked for help when ordering my drink.  I still have no idea which drink I actually ordered but it was sour and minty and served in a tall tin mug with lots of ice.  Kevin ordered some sort of bourbon cocktail, naturally, and while we sipped we munched on some of those crispy fresh potato chips.


After two visits, here is what we indulged in:

Ravioli stuffed with cheese and pepper butter pasture sage and crispy guancialetto (salami/ham).  Maybe this is a bold statement but this could very well be my favorite dish of Rome.  Freshly made pasta filled with creamy delicious (probably also house made) ricotta topped with crispy salami or ham in a decadent butter sage sauce.  It was simply outstanding.

Salmon tartar on flowers of cucumber or papaya, which was  so light and refreshing.

On our second trip, we weren’t served those potato chips but we did share the Propaganda Hamburger which came on a multi-seed bun that was toasted.  Along side the burger were thick cut potato wedges, which if they were a tad bit crispier would have been awesome.

Penne with whole tomatoes, oregano and olives was light and tasty with a touch of grated cheese on top.  And no I did not over cheese this pasta.

So as you can see, Cafe Propaganda is an A+ in our book.  If you are looking for a lunch, dinner or snack spot near the Colosseum or if you’re like us and enjoy great food, we HIGHLY recommend checking this place out!