Tapas 24 and Bar Lobo

Our first 2 eating adventures in Barcelona came for lunch and dinner during our first full day there.  We had extensive lists and research of where to eat.  We didn’t just want the popular places or the usual must see spots, we wanted the places that blogs and people with our tastes back home, liked over in Spain and Italy.  So when we found suggestions from sites like Eater, Serious Eats & Parla Food, to name a few, we knew it was what we wanted because what they like here in NY is the same as us.  So, we took a walk to explore a little of the Barcelona en route to Tapas 24 for lunch.  This is a cool little spot, below street level near lots of higer end shopping.  The menu displays which of the large markets in Barcelona the food you are eating that day is sourced from.  Now most old-school tapas bars in Barcelona display the food already made at the bar.  We did try some of these types of places, some are great, some are far from great.  I love that approach to tapas, when done right, but I don’t think we will be seeing that in NYC anytime soon because places would be shut down within seconds for violating some sort of health code by having the food out.  We can be a little uptight here.  Tapas 24 is more what we in the US think of tapas, small plates to share that you order from a menu and are made to order.  Just like smaller version of regular menu items.  We grabbed a seat just before a line deveolped at the door.  The regular menu comes in English and Spanish, so we were able to know all our options but the specials were only in Spanish, so some words were lost on us and the waitress helped us out in adding more plates to our “light” snack.

Fresh bread rubbed with tomato and olive oil.  You may recall us making this at our cooking class.  Must say this was much better and applying fresh tomatoes to bread with oil is now a regular practice of mine.

Papas Bravas, the quintessntial tapas and Barcelona dish.  These were good, perfect beer drinking snack.

This mini sandwich was pure heaven.  Bikini Comerc, a grilled cheese with jamon, truffle and manchengo cheese.  I wish this came in full sized, or deluxe for that matter.

Iberian ham croquette.

The scene.  Cool-ass joint.

Pretty sure it says “Go downstairs and eat too much”

Some how, not pictured are 2 other dishes, one that was the best we ate there, the raw Cod served ceviche style with thin cut peppers, it was amazing, and the baby grilled squids served in ink, not as amazing, but different.  We then retreated from the heat to do as the Spanish do and siesta.  We needed to rest up before venturing out on our next food conquest……..