….Dinner at Bar Lobo

After a long rest, we ventured out to Bar Lobo.  This is very nice spot at the base of a hotel that also has seating outside on the street/sidewalk.  I say street sidewalk because in Barcelona there are all these narrow paths between buildings, sometimes just for walking, sometime you see vehicles on there too, I have no idea what the rules are.  Anyway, this was going to be our first big dinner of our trip so we were very excited.  We got there and it was packed, inside and out but we lucked out and got a table outside almost right away.  Again, we did a lot of ordering only this time plates were much larger than a tapas place, but we did not care.

Shrimp!  So much better than the frozen crap you usually see when you order shrimp at restaurants.  These were awesome and I don’t normally love shrimp.

Beef Tartare.  It was a lot of meat. (That’s what she said?)

Cod Carpaccio stlyle, similar to what I described earlier only with olives, Tapas 24 was better though, shhhh…

Ultra fresh caprese salad.  I am not a tomaoto fan and I was all over these.  Each one had it’s own topping and they were unlike ant tomato I had before.  Awesome but yet sucks because I can’t find tomatoes this fresh ususally.

And more Jamon.  Can’t tell you how many times I had some form of this dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and loved it everytime