they can’t all be winners

There are many places to eat in White Plains that we have not been yet.  We make an effort to try something new as often as possible and Sunday we did just this.  A little spot called Lilli Pilli Berri Bar opened a few months ago after months of construciton and us asking, what is this place?  We walked past it a few times and even walked in twice to find no one standing up front and mass confusion on a chalk board.  We walked out both times.  So one last chance this Saturday for a quick snack before hitting the bar for football.  All the time for construction paid off, the place looks cool inside, some great wood floors and tables.  But the rest of the place is a disaster.  They charge $9.75 for a bottle of their “juice” which are just copies of the current juice fad everyone is all over.  This is an absurd price but right on par with the rest of the place.  I ordered the California Wrap which was chicken, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce and some sort of sauce.  The sauce was watery and dripping out of the wrap, which was about 3 inches long and weighed about 3 ounces and all this for $9.  What a waste.  The wrap was blah, veggies not fresh, if you are trying to be a healthy fresh alternative to fast food, you should probably do something healthy and fresh, especially if you are going to over charge for it.  Needless to say, this place aims high and falls way short.  I think they don’t have true intentions in mind for the food they are trying to do.  Someone saw the buzzwords and tried to get them all into one place as quick as possibe.  Kale! Juice Diet! Tea! Granola! Self-Serve Yogurt! (not kidding they have that too)  For some reason after a few months of being open they added the words “Aussie Cafe” to the list of other buzzwords on the window marketing.  I have been to Australia and i think they would be mad to know the word Aussie is being used as one of the many words to describe this joint.  They started out with the idea to franchise before getting the first store right.  It is as if a hedge fund rather than buying some aspiring food start up and ruining it by over expansion, decided to directly start ruining it from the beginning and opening store one themselves.  Their food seems to suffer from the high prices and lessened food quality of some place in the process of massive expansion.  There are plenty of better options in the fast/casual/healthy alternative category right in White Plains.  Some people may knock Muscle Maker Grill for its name but don’t be fooled, this place does it right.  Good choices, nice portions, doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ate fast food and want to die.  So please, save yourself the trouble and don’t bother with Lilli Pilli Lolli Pop Frog Princess Marshmallow whatever the fuck, this place’s days are numbered.