BSB Happy Hour….Pumpkin Time

It’s Fall so that means the leaves are changing and so are our drinks.  I will admit I look forward to the fall for many reasons, weekends of football, milder weather and getting pumpkin spiced lattes at Starbucks.  Lame I know.  But also there is Pumpkin Beer.  I will admit, at one time in my early courtship with craft beer, I loved the shit out of flavored beers and Pumpkin was one of them.  The best, for me was Southern Tier’s Pumpking, still is in my opinion.

Over time though I began to dislike flavored beers and didn’t look forward to Pumpkin Beer season.  But that was just me being a hater, right ladies?  But now I have grown to embrace the Pumpkin for what it is, a tasty beer and a great way to get non-craft drinkers into trying new things, a  gateway beer.  So I will celebrate the start of Pumpkin season, and will do so with the good people at Craftsman Ale House in Harrison, NY.  I recently discovered this place and love it.  They do everything right as far as a craft beer bar and general cool place to hang out and grab something to eat.  The food is great too, but they definitely do it right when it comes to promoting and rotating beers.  This weekend they are having a Pumpkin beer festival and I will be stoping by to grab some food, try some Pumpkin beer (and possibly some others) and watch some college football.  My only complaint about this place is that it is 6 miles down the road from my apartment and not right around the corner so I can walk there daily.