BSB Happy Hour and we are back from our trip

So there are probably weeks worth of posts we can do on our trip to Barcelona and Rome, and we will do plenty, but until we fully go through all the pics and start getting it all together, I start off with some a Beer post that also ties us into part of the trip.  The Village Voice has a list of the Top 10 draft Beer Bars in the city (you know I loves me a good list).  I have not been to Diamond, Lucky Dog, Spuyten Duyvil or the Habitat in Brooklyn unfortunately (my trips to Brooklyn do not occur as often as I would like) so I can not speak to how good they are and Proletariat I was unawre of until now, but I can guarantee I will be stopping by this weekend. But I love Blind Tiger, always have, it is my ideal bar and the exact place I always want to be when I go out and exact time I want to have while out.  I seek the Blind Tigers of the world out every where I go.  The rest of Manhattan’s establishments are great, don’t get me wrong, but Blind Tiger for me is the best.

But while in Rome I discovered a place called Open Baladin (or Baladin Open or Baladin, not 100% sure) that was Rome, and possibly Italy’s, only true craft beer spot.  They had their beers they make their along with some cool Belgium and American offerings.  It was definitely awesome to see the craft beer thing catch on abroad and this is just the beginning, so much room to grow.  The place looked cool, had some great fancy bar food and kept a good crowd all night.  We went twice, once for lunch and once for a late night beer.  For lunch we shared some potato chips that were home made, seasoned with peccorino and garlic served with house made ketchup as well as a Caprese salad.  Everything was fresh and a step above your average bar food.

To drink I sampled their own IPA, called Open.  It was a very drinkable IPA, heavy on the grapefruit flavor and quite a surprising offering while in Rome.  I also tried the X-Fume barleywine, also by Baladin.  This was strong!  Like taking shots of irish whiskey strong.  It was good, just more of a sipping beer on a winter night at home rather than a refreshing companion to my light mid day snack in scorthing hot weather.  I highly recommend this place for anyont visiting Rome, not just beer lovers.  It has more of a local scene and more modern food, so if you want to escape the tourists and traditional Roman cuisine for a night, make sure to try it out.