Weekend Fives….West Village, NYC

This week we give you our current top 5 places in the West Village area of Manhattan.  With so many places we have and want to go to in NY alone, it just made sense to do this by neighborhood.  This neighborhood is packed with places we have been and so many more we want to try.  As for where we have been….

#1- Locande Verde – Christine’s bday meal and it was perfection.  The place lives up to its hype and delivers.  Thank you Mr. Carmellini.

#2- Wong – This is slightly more under the radar in comparison to the places that get major press in the area but don’t be fooled, this is a must try.  Multiple Asian and even Indian influnces in their dishes.  Make sure you go in the cooler months when they fire up the tandori oven for the free naan bread before yor meal.

#3- Red Farm – It will make you hate your parents for all those years of terrible take out that you thought was Chinese food.  It’s the complete opposite.  Fresh, clean, delicious.  The upper west side will soon be graced with their own Red Farm location.  They also make a Katz’s pastrami eggroll….just sayin’.

#4- Spotted Pig – The food is good, the scene is cool.  It’s more of a gastropub and has a burger you must order.  Even if you plan on getting other things, just add the burger to your order for your visit.  Trust me.

#5- Minetta Tavern – Another must order burger.  This place is a landmark at this point.  Grab the bone marrow while you are at it.