Football’s back…..that means it’s time for wings

I love fall.  It is easily one of my top 5 seasons.  Ok no it really is probably my favorite.  Mainly because you still have the nice weather carrying over from the summer with less humidity, a little breeze and slightly colder nights.  Great climate for a chronically sweaty gentleman such as myself.  It also means college and pro football are back.  Add that to the time when baseball is heating up and you have a pretty awesome 2 months ahead filled with day drinking and bar eats.  So tonight, as pro football takes the stage and the Giants take the field, I will be celebrating by eating wings, the best part about football.  Brazen Fox in White Plains is a great sports bar for doing both these things, it was made for sports.  They offer free wings during all games so you should be doing as I am and frequenting there establishment all season.