I love a good list

The number one thing I click on when searching through blogs is anything in list and/or map form.  I don’t know why, but I actually get excited.  Any other form of information communication online just doesn’t do it for me.  But map it out, make power rankings out if it and I am sold.  I must not be alone because every site everywhere does lists, constantly, including us right here.  I should actually suggest this to teachers as a means of getting people like myself to retain info.  That brings us to my findings today, the Craft Beer Power Rankings from Food Republic.  Now I will be honest, I have only had the luxury of sampling 7 of the 10 on the list and of those 7 maybe only 3 have had really dove into and had a taste of their full lineup.  But I shall arrogantly pass judgement anyway, haha no.  I fully agree of the ones I have had, they all deserve to be in the discussion, with the exception of Stone but maybe I have not really tried their best stuff.  I would argue Sierra Nevada and Dogfish do deserve some respect on their though.  I have had Russian Rivers  Pliny the Elder while visiting San Fran, which is it’s most famous offering and I was underwhelmed but I would love to try more and don’t doubt they are good.  One thing I was surprised at was Green Flash.  I personally love all their beers and regularly drink their IPA as it seems to be on tap often near me, and their Saison is also great, but I guess I didn’t think other people loved them as much as I did across the board.  I definitely want to try more on this list and also have BSB Happy Hour come up with it’s own Brewery and Beer lists, cuz who doesn’t love lists, right?