My Fall just got booked up

So as if we do not have enough restaurants in Westchester, NYC, Brooklyn and Queens to hit on our lists, a whole slew of new ones are already being hyped for Fall.  Here is the full coverage from Time Out NY.  The major highlight for me is the return of the M. Wells team.  As you know they had a somewhat historic rise and fall story in Long Island City last year and many have been eagerly awaiting their return.  Since their place closed last August, I have been lucky enough to meet both Hugue and Sara, along with taste their food at Le Grand Fooding and Googa Mooga Festival.  I am also excited for the Marrow from chef Harold at Kin Shop.  Kin Shop is amazing and I can’t wait to try what the Marrow may offer.  And of course the Torrisi project tentatively named Carbone is also exciting even though I have yet to make it to their original joint, but I have had their turkey sandwich which is hands down the best in its class to date.