This sounds promising

I have known for a while now that some of the new construction going on in White Plains is for new restaurants and bars, including Butterfield 8, Lolas and Gaucho Grill.  Gaucho Grill has recently opened and upon first look, I do not have high hopes.  It seems like an elaborate production and their menu contains way too many items.  Ususally these are bad signs, of course it could be succesful just as the likes of a Cheesecake Factory would be succesful, but not exactly a culinary mecca. White Plains already having an identity of chain type restaurants that lack the love and care that goes into food like the surrounding towns all seem to have, this fits right in.  I assumed the same for Butterfield 8 and Lolas (Both same owner, recently opend Mulberry Street on same block), but I read today over here that this may not be the case.  With working for chef DiBari on his resume and an open kitchen in the restaurant, I am more than excited to see what chef Safarowic comes up with.  I am now eagerly awaiting the opening of both these places and will also try Mulberry Street out in the meantime.  Having only been to Butterfield 8 a few times in NYC for late nights and parties, I never really gave this a chance to be on my food radar.  But looks like things are looking up within walking distance of my apartment in White Plains, and I like it.