BEST PIZZA in Brooklyn

Ok maybe that title is slightly misleading, but it’s also not false. Sunday we visited Best Pizza in Williamsburg.  This was prior to our date that night with My Morning Jacket at the water front (show was amazing) and just after we dropped in to Breukelen Bier Merchants, a favorite beer stop of mine.  In case you were wondering, Bier Mercahnts is awesome and everyone needs to check it out, its the Starbucks of beer minus the giant corporate giant overseeing it.  But back to Best Pizza…..calling this place unassuming is an understatement.  It’s tiny, old, on a side street of a mostly residential street in Williamsburg and it cranks out amazing pizza.  The kind of pizza that I will now go home and crave constantly but only have rather subpar substitutions that are readily available to me on a daily basis in White Plains.  This joint is uber-Brooklyn.  It is decorated with paper plates that customers have drawn on, blasts old school rap music while the head pizza guy and what I am I assuming to be his buddy that just hangs out there/employee/delivery guy/asipiring model and event coordianter entrepreneur (this was his claim to 3 lovely old ladies who came in to say hi).  There was lots dancing by these to randonly to Biggie and Tupac, for the entertainment of the 3 ladies, and myself.  When e first got there, one of those Brooklyn food tours was just wrapping up.  I must say as steretypically Brooklyn as this place was, I loved it.  The fact that the pizza is awesome did help this opinion.

I had only my cell phone so my food pic is weak.  We did however order a lot as u can see.  The bounty included a regular slice, a grandma , a veggie, a pepperoni, a white and garlic knots.  All their pizza is a combination of New York stlye, larger pizza by the slice, with Neopolitan wood burning smaller pies that get that burnt crisp edge, But stays criep throughout the pie and does not get that soupy mess in the middle.  A very original combination and definitely the best of 2 pizza worlds.  This was most demonstrated in the plain slice.  Just an ideal plain slice of pizza that you want everytime you walk into a pizza place and order.  The garlic knots are also great, and original.  Very crispy on the outside, sitting in a garlic oil and pickled veggies on top of all that.  Places that have bad garlic knots are the worst, we all can agree on this.  I had a taste of almost everything else and nothing disappointed.  The higlight for me though, was the white slice.  It had ricotta as it should, but it took a turn by adding seasame seeds to the crust and pockets of carmalized onions throughout.  I loved this slice and it sucks because no one makes anything close to this or any of the other slices that day.  So in conclusion, screw you Brooklyn.  No, it’s for the best this place isn’t near me because I would eat there everyday but everyone should make a trip anytime they are in the area, it’s worth it.