Best Cheeseburger in NYC

Brave statement here and I will say it with pride,  JG Melon is by far the best cheeseburger in NYC!  No fancy gimmicks, no premium blends, just straight up perfection.

On Saturday night – after a long day of Brunching ,  Kevin, Danny and myself head out from a local UES side bar to grab some grub.  First stop was Luke’s Lobster for a “bite”, the three of us shared two lobster rolls; we handed off the rolls like a rotating carousal, each taking bite after bite until the rolls were complete.  Once finished we immediately headed on our real adventure – JG MELON!


Photo by A Hamburger Today – 


tepping inside, you’re immediately hit with a mixture of classic atmosphere and timeless old school local bar.   Ordering was simple, it requires no thought whatsoever – 3 cheeseburgers medium rare and 2 cottage fries.  Let me tell you, ask for medium rare, you’re going to get the most quintessential medium rare burger ever.  It’s  juicy, flavorful, delicious and I want more now! Served on a toasted white bun, melted american cheese with red onion and pickles, the beef patty is seared to perfection, locking in all the amazing juices that come pouring out as you continue to chomp down bite after bite. To be honest, this is clearly not our first time at JG; I mean last time we were there it was 130a.  However, every time we come back, they seem to amaze us with how on point they bang out the classic burger.  Apparently, they serve other food and I only know this because I happened to look at the whole menu this time.  I just don’t see myself or anyone I’m ever with ordering anything other than the cheese burger (unless maybe to add some bacon).

Operating for the past 40 years, I hope to keep visiting for 40 more and have the same experience over and over again.

REMEMBER – cash only!