Westchester Fives

So as we get ready for the weekend which will include some sun at the beach Saturday, followed by Sunday with a little Brooklyn adventure of house party, good food, good beer  and topped off by My Morning Jacket at the waterfront, we leave you with our weekly fives.  This week, our current Westchester top five places we have been to so far.  Obviously, our current leader…..

#1 – The Cookery

Just a top quality meal from start to finish, menu changes often so I guess we will be forced to be going back.  Also don’t sleep on their food truck, DoughNation, either.  Check them out, they move around daily and are worth seeking out.

#2- Tarry Lodge

This is part of he Batali Empire, nicely located in Port Chester.  The Pork Osso Bucco and Pizza with Guanciale, Black Truffles and Sunny Side Egg are must orders.  Reviews for this and the rest of this weeks fives are coming soon. (They might require another trip for er…ah research and better pics…ok and more food)

#3- bartaco

This place is just plain cool, lots of outdoor seating, great drinks, reasonably priced food and it’s actually good Mexican style food not the crappy neon yellow cheese sauce shredded lettuce and tomatoes all over low grade meat that we East Coasters are used to.  After being in Cali twice in the last year my overall jealously for their food scene in San Fran and particular frustration with SoCal’s over abundance of legit Mexican, has left me craving some good tacos at home.  bartaco delivers with simple, fresh tacos filled with things like slow cooked lamb, duck and red snapper to name a few.  Summer weekends are slipping away, get there soon too fully enjoy their outdoor deck.

#4- Q

Port Chester may not have the top spot but they are dominating this list and they deserve it.  We recently tried Westchester’s answer to great NYC BBQ joints and Q is the real deal.  The brisket was moist, ribs nearly perfect, great original sauce, all the great elements of good BBQ.  It’s not the best of the best but it can stand up to tough competition.  We will definitely be trying the rest of their offerings before giving out full critique vs. the big names of BBQ like Hill Country and Dinosaur.

#5- Bridge View Tavern

Our final Five this week makes the list more for their beer than their food, and that’s not against the rules.  Bridgeview, in Sleepy Hollow carries a great selection of draft beers that is constantly rotating in new things.  It is so great to see a bar/restaurant making the effort to go above and beyond the average beer offerings.  We only tried a few apps but they were great.  More sophisticated bar food that helps this place make our list.
Well see you soon, enjoy the weekend and expect plenty of updates about what we eat and drink in Brooklyn.