Northern BBQ?

A tray at Fette Sau, hopefully I will be taking a similar picture this weekend

The term just sounds ridiculous, like an oxymoron almost.  BBQ is Southern and always has been, right?  We city folk have our BBQ places but they usually aren’t given the national respect or are just imitations of things in the South.  Well, I bring this up because I saw this article in Esquire about NYC BBQ and as someone who has tried a few places in the area, I will definitely argue for the case the NY is moving into the national picture for BBQ.  I have tried Hill Country in Manahattan and Mable’s in Brooklyn, both were great BBQ, no question about it.  As for outside the city, my recent trip to Q in Port Chester and my previous trips to Johnny’s Smokehouse in my hometown area of Rockland, both had me satisfying my BBQ cravings.  As the article points out, we do not have our own style and each place is an adaptation of a certain regional BBQ, but isn’t most creativity imitaiton, especially in food.  As for our own style, I think our hybrid of influences is our style here, taking the best of the best and mixing it to perfection.  But one thing I can foresee in NY for the future is the contiuation of doing American, Southern style BBQ fusion with other cuisines, much like I have seen at Fatty ‘Cue in NYC and Brooklyn, where they use their smokers to bring Southeast Asian and traditional BBQ together.  This, i think, will be our great contribution to the craft of BBQing and will set us apart, getting us the respect on the national stage.  Hopefully after the concert this Sunday I will be adding Fette Sau to my list of NY BBQ places I have tried.  Stay tuned.