Hot Dog Lovers Rejoice

I will admit it, I am not a huge hot dog fan.  I have and will eat them, at BBQ’s and Baseball games, how can you resist.  I also had a former love for papaya king in my youunger days of NYC drinking nights.  But I have not been into the “artisinal” dogs that have popped up on menus, specialty hot dog joints and food fests lately.  When I see things like this I always think I can order something better than just a hot dog.  But secretly, I always want to try them and see what all the fuss is about at places like Bark Hot Dogs, Japadog, Crif Dogs and even restaurants like DBGB.  I do intend to try them all at some point but I just usually save my time in the city to eat at the long list of other places I want to go.  But now, Westchester has its own artisinal dog spot in Tarrytown, Village Dog.  I now have a short drive to try experimental hot dogs and can now stop in for a beer at Bridgeview while I’m there.