Recipe: Homemade Pickles


Who doesn’t like pickles?

(well I never used to but that’s a long story that goes back to when I drove across America)

Here’s a simple recipe for a garlic dill pickle that I made a few weeks back.

Cucumber sliced

Slice the cucumber to a thickness you prefer, I went with a cut that is a little less than half an inch, it was thin enough but also held up a nice crunch.

Pickle Seasoning

All the spices

I had an accident when I was compiling my pickling seasoning, accidentally  I measured out the wrong amount of spices, like enough spices to make 5 jars worth of pickles.  BUT do not fret because I managed to someone remove the excess spices and power on.  Starting at the top going right, garlic, cumin, ginger, sea salt, cinnamon, dill, yellow mustard seeds, coriander seeds and all spice.

Place all the cucumbers in a jar, I used a mason jar.

The last thing I did was place the pickling seasoning I created above into the mason jar and added water.   Less than 2 weeks later we (well I was) snacking on homemade pickles.  These came out rather dilly and garlicky, next time I might tone down the dill but keep the amount of garlic I added.

I used a combination of the following recipes:

Pickling Spice (minus the red pepper flakes)