This is Happening…Le Fooding 2012

Last year, Christine and I attended Le Grand Fooding in NYC as part of my extremely cool birthday present.  To be honest, I am still not even sure 100% what Le Fooding is besides an food event of awesome.  There were multiple events going on throughout the 4 or 5 days in September last year and we attended part of what was called “The Equisite Corpse”.  This was 36 straight hours of restaurant broken up into 3 hour blocks by different chefs where they would one by one continuously serve meals to different seatings of lucky ticket holders, myself included.  We were lucky enough to get a seat for chef Hugue Dufour, of M.Wells fame, and his dinner was amazing.  So this year we had no idea they were planning another Le Fooding event until I saw this from Eater NY.  It’s back and this time in Brooklyn.  Needless to say I am pumped.  Not only do all the events look cool and the chefs participating are awesome but Hugue is back and definitely will be the first tickets I am trying for.  So check out the official site and enjoy if you are lucky enough to attend.  Keep in mind they are yet again hosting the event around my birthday weekend so I expect whoever lands tickets to be inviting me.  Fair?