On The Radar….The Italian Kitchen, Ardsley, NY


Saw this today from Small Bites.  Looks like this place has all the elements of a BSB Westchester favorite.  Local ingredients, chefs with some NYC chops and an awesome looking menu.  I actually have never heard of Ciano, their NYC place with similar farm to table format, but definitely checking that out too.  It will of course be tough to compete with our current gold standard, The Cookery as you already know we, loved it.  But we are just cracking the surface in Westchester grub, so much more to come, there is plenty of room at the top for restaurants we love and who knows, maybe the king will be dethroned one day.  Soon we will be bringing different sections of BSB Fives, listing and mapping out our top 5 places we have been and top 5 we want to go to the most.