BSB Happy Hour

We are big beer fans here at BSB.  Sadly getting closer to beer snobs in a way but less douchey.  Just meaning we hold out to find and try the good stuff these days rather crush generic beer in large quantities.  So as we try as many new (and old) beers as possible, we will bring you our findings.  Today we have four beers we tried (as though we are doing this for the good of science and man-kind) which included Southampton Grand Cru, Sierra Nevada Hoptimum, Oskar Blues Gubna and Hof ten Dormaal Amber.  First off, the Southhampton Grand Cru is a beer we tried just about a year ago on tap and have sought after ever since.  We had it first at MexiBBQ in Astoria, Queens.  Our love of Astoria and MexiBBQ, formerly MexiQ but recently changed for some unknown reason, is well known and can be saved for other posts.  But this was the setting for our first encounter with Southampton and it was on tap.  Just a perfect beer in our eyes, not something you can drink a lot of but a nice shared 750ml of it with dinner, drunk slowly to enjoy the complex flavors is the best way to experience this one.  The spices that go into this (coriander, orange peel, star anise, sugar & some smoky cardamom) read like a recipe for your favorite asian/indian fusion dishes but really work in this beer and come through while drinking.  It is a Belgian Strong Pale Ale and easily my favorite beer in this category at the moment but also has flavors that kind of defy the genre.  Highly recommend this one.  Next up a pair of imperial IPA’s that are both unique in their own ways and at the top of their categories.  I had previously tried Gubna on tap but it is just as good in the can.  A sweeter IPA with a lot of flavor, not over powering with the hops.  While the Hoptimum was a smack in the face of hops, using whole cone hops and a lot of them to brew, it amazingly was super drinkable for something this hoppy.  Could have easily thrown back quite a few of these but my stupid “job” gets in the way during the week.  So I currently have a fridge full of both and another bottle of precious Grand Cru at my disposal.  I acquired all these during lunch the other day when I took a quick trip to Port Chester Beer Distributors, where I had heard great things about their selection.  I went for the Grand Cru and ended up leaving with more beer than I could comfortably carry to my car alone.  Just a great selection, growlers to go, definitely one of the best beer stores in Westchester to feed your habit.

Finally, the Hof ten Dormaal, a saison that Christine picked up on her way home from the city at Beer Table Pantry in Grand Central Station.  This place is cool, has a great selection that includes many things you either can’t easily find or have never heard of yet.  Definitely a must for commuters on their way home, great location.  The beer however was not amazing, good but just average. A solid saison, not much else, would  drink it again, just didn’t do it for me.  Will definitely be back soon for another BSB Happy Hour as we make this a regualr section.