What’s For Lunch?

 We took a little hiatus the past week, Kevin was busy with work/school and I’ve been settling into the new job, which is fantastic bt dubs.  It’s not an excuse but we promise to come… Continue reading

BSB Happy Hour…Threepence a Pot

Saw this from Serious Eats this morning.  Gives a little history to the delicious beers we consume daily.  I love the idea of “a pot” being the unit of distribution when you purchase… Continue reading

Bib Gourmands – 2013

Via NY Eater, I would like to congratulate the Fatty Crew for making the Michelin Bib Gourmand list, well deserved my friends!!!! http://ny.eater.com/archives/2012/09/michelin_bib_gourmand_1.php

More Bourbon

Last week Kevin declared his love for bourbon!  See here.  So for his birthday dinner I decided to incorporate bourbon into the meal.  Oh, did I mention I also threw him a surprise… Continue reading


  The M. Wells team is back after a way too long hiatus.  I have had the pleasure of eating their food only twice before, so this is something I have been eagerly… Continue reading

Astoria Fives

We love Astoria.  We won’t hide it either.  We used to spend a lot of time there when Christine was living in the neighborhood but since then we have only gone for some… Continue reading

My love of Bourbon

This past year I have developed a taste for bourbon.  First it was craft beer, now I have moved on to include becoming a slight bourbon snob.  I always drank whiskey, in the form… Continue reading

It’s not all just propaganda

When eating in Rome there are like a zillion choices, most of which are complete tourist traps.  You have old world Trattorias, classic Roman Restaurants, Pizzerias and then there are fantastic gems that are… Continue reading

….Dinner at Bar Lobo

After a long rest, we ventured out to Bar Lobo.  This is very nice spot at the base of a hotel that also has seating outside on the street/sidewalk.  I say street sidewalk… Continue reading

Tapas 24 and Bar Lobo

Our first 2 eating adventures in Barcelona came for lunch and dinner during our first full day there.  We had extensive lists and research of where to eat.  We didn’t just want the… Continue reading